Responsible Gaming Policy

Lucky Cola (the “Company”), the operator of this
online casino
(“Website”), strives to endorse responsible
gaming as well as
improving prevention and avoidance of excessive gaming. This
Responsible Gambling Policy sets out not only the Company’s
commitments but also your responsibility to promote responsible
gambling practices and minimize the negative effects of excessive

Capitalized terms used herein but not defined in
this Responsible
Gaming Policy will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Website
Terms and Conditions,
and which are incorporated by reference into this
Responsible Gaming

We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your
gaming experience on
our Website while remaining fully aware of the social and financial
effects associated with excessive gaming. We offer and promote our
skill games as an enjoyable entertainment activity and believe that
gaming can remain this way only if you play responsibly and stay in
This game involves an element of financial risk
and may be addictive.
Please play responsibly and at your own risk.



If you choose to play on our Website, there are
some general
guidelines that can help make your playing experience safer, and
reduce the risk that problems associated with excessive gaming can

– Purchase Play Money only with money that you
can afford to

– Never purchase Play Money with money that you
need for important or
essential things such as food, rent, bills, or tuition.

– Pre-plan your purchases and the time you will
spend playing on the
Website and stick to that limit. regardless of your performance.

– Don’t play when you are upset, tired, or
depressed. It is difficult
to make good decisions when you are feeling down.

– Do not put off personal and other important
tasks in order to play.
Complete all your important tasks so that you can play with a free and
calm mind.

– Balance your playing with other activities.
Find other forms of
entertainment so playing does not become too big a part of your

– Do not borrow money in order to make purchases
on the

– Avoid using all of the Play Money purchased by
you in a single game
or session.

– Take time outs and breaks regularly.



The Company adopts a stringent policy against
underage Users (i.e.
Users aged under 21 years). To diminish the chance of false/undesired
purchases and the possibility of the Website acting as a source of
distraction to those pursuing basic or undergraduate education, we ask
for identification and documentation if we suspect a User is under 21
years. The accounts of any Users identified to be underage and playing
on the Website will be deactivated or deleted immediately.

Although we dedicate a significant amount of time
and resources to
ensure there are no minors playing on the Website, we feel this
prevention works best as a shared responsibility between us and the
minor’s parents/guardians. Provided below are a few tips that you can
follow in order to ensure that minors, such as your children do not
game on our Website:

– Do not leave your PC or mobile device
unattended if you are logged
in to the Website.

– Be sure to protect your PC and mobile device
and set up
password/credential control in order to use and access such

– Install/employ child protection software on
your children’s devices
in order to prevent them from accessing the Website or any of the
services we offer through the Website.

– Use a strong password that is hard to decipher
for your User
Account. You can elect to have the Website software to not remember
your password each time you log-in. If you have any concern that
somebody else might attempt to access your User Account, you should
not allow the software to remember your password.

– Do not save your credit/debit card details
while purchasing Play
Money and please make sure that undesired purchases are avoided as all
purchases made on the Website are irreversible.

– Maintain close supervision of your User Account
activity in order
to limit unauthorized access to the Website



You can close your account at any time for any reason by simply
contacting our Support Team at


Please note that an account closed under our standard account closure
mechanism can be reopened at any time by contacting our Support Team.
However, if you feel you are at risk of developing an unhealthy
addiction to gaming or believe you currently have an unhealthy
addiction to gaming, we would advise that you consider self-exclusion
– an explanation of self-exclusion is outlined in the below section



We offer a self-exclusion facility to help you if
you feel that your
gaming is affecting you negatively and you want assistance to help
stop. At your request, we will prevent you from using your account for
a specifi

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