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The Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics will meet in the NBA Finals 2024. Regardless of who wins, we will have a new NBA champion for the sixth consecutive season.

The Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics will meet in the NBA Finals 2024. Regardless of who wins, we will have a new NBA champion for the sixth consecutive season. This is also the last series you can wager on this NBA season.

On the bright side, sportsbooks have tons of NBA odds online for the 2024 Finals. Keep reading to see the Finals series odds, series props, and Finals MVP odds. I will break down the best bets and give my predictions.

NBA Finals 2024 Odds

June 13 Update:

The Boston Celtics are just one win away from making NBA history. Boston can become the first franchise to win 18 championships in league history with one more win over Dallas in the NBA Finals. With the Celtics up 3-0, the odds have shifted dramatically in favor of Boston.

Here are the latest 2024 NBA Finals series odds, courtesy of Lucky Cola Sportsbook.

TeamCurrent Series OddsOdds Before the Series
Boston Celtics-6000-220
Dallas Mavericks+2000+180

Dallas Mavericks (+2000)

The Mavericks opened as a slight underdog in the 2024 Finals at +180 to win the series. Dallas has kept the games close, but they have lost all three of the games so far in this series. The Mavs will have to become the first team to overcome a 0-3 deficit in the NBA playoffs to win the championship.

Facing down history is not the only reason why the Mavericks’ odds have faded from +180 to +2000. Dallas has simply been outgunned in this series, and its stars, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, have largely struggled in this series.

I believe Dallas will win game four to avoid the sweep at home. However, it is challenging to imagine them winning game five on the road. Boston has struggled at home in the playoffs in recent years, but they have been better this year.

Boston Celtics (-6000)

Boston is one win away from winning its 18th NBA championship and the first title of the Jayston Tatum-Jaylen Brown era. The team has made six of the last eight Eastern Conference Finals, so it was only a matter of time before it won a title.

This series is not over yet, but teams up 3-0 are 156-0 in NBA playoff history. Boston would need to lose four straight games, including two at home, to lose this series. That is a big reason why they listed at -6000 to win the series.

I picked the Celtics before the series, but even I have been impressed by Boston’s 3-0 start. They were able to overcome the loss of Kristaps Porzingis so far, and I think they will wrap this series up in the next two games.

Updated NBA Finals Exact Outcome Odds

Lucky Cola also has updated odds on the exact outcome of this series. You can wager on Boston at -105 to win game four and complete the sweep. Or you can bet on these other exact series outcomes:

  • Boston wins 4-1 (+145)
  • Boston wins 4-2 (+900)
  • Boston wins 4-3 (+1400)
  • Dallas wins 4-3 (+1800)

I picked the Celtics in six before the series when it was listed at +450. Boston winning in six is now listed at +900, and I will stick with that pick.

Dallas should be able to win game four, so it will all come down to game five. A gentlemen’s sweep is far more likely, so there is no shame in betting on the favorite in this wager. I am sticking with six games, but I would not be surprised if Boston finishes this series at home in Game 5.

The only chance the Mavericks have to win is to win the next four games. Dallas is listed at 18-1 in this wager, but I would not bet on them here even if I thought they could win. They are listed at 20-1 in the series odds above, so I would take that wager instead because it has a better payout.

Prediction: Boston wins 4-2 (+900)

Update NBA Finals Most Points Odds

Lucky Cola is still offering odds on which player will lead the finals in total points. Before the series, I picked Mavericks star Luka Doncic to lead the series in total points in a losing effort.

PlayerCurrent Finals OddsPre-Series OddsTotal Points So Far
Luka Doncic-2500-19089
Jaylen Brown+2000+120073
Jayson Tatum+3000+26565
Kyrie Irving+6000+100063

Doncic has a 16-point lead over the next highest-scoring, Jaylen Brown. His odds have also shortened dramatically from -190 to -2500. Doncic has scored at least 27 points in every game this series, and he will need to play even better for the Mavericks to have a chance at a comeback.

In theory, Brown could overtake Doncic with dominant performances in Game 4 and a potential Game 5. I do not see that happening, though, and I will stick with my original pick, Doncic, in this wager.

Prediction: Luka Doncic leads the Finals in total points scored (-2500)

Updated NBA Finals MVP Odds

My Finals MVP prediction is also looking good so far through the first three games of the series. I picked Jaylen Brown before the series at +600 odds. Brown is now the favorite to win the award at -300.

PlayerCurrent Finals MVP OddsPre-Series Odds
Jaylen Brown-300+600
Jayson Tatum+250-115
Luka Doncic+2500+210
Jrue Holiday+5000+5000

Jayson Tatum has been much maligned for his performances in two of the three games so far, but he is still listed at +250 to win Finals MVP. Doncic’s odds have faded significantly from +201 to +2500.

The case for Doncic is easy: lead the Mavericks to a historic comeback down 3-0. If I were to move off my Brown pick, though, it would not be for Doncic. I would take Jrue Holiday, who has played great in this series and could be the 2024 version of Andre Iguodala.

Holiday deserves more attention for this award, but I do not think he will win it. I will stick with Brown, who is the clear favorite to be Finals MVP.

Prediction: Jaylen Brown wins Finals MVP (-300)

Can Boston Go Back-to-Back?

Boston has all but locked up the 2024 Larry O’Brien Trophy with a 3-0 series lead over Dallas. With the series essentially over, some bettors and fans are looking ahead to next year’s championship. Thanks to sites like Lucky Cola, you can already wager on the Celtics to repeat as champions next season.

Here are the current odds for the 2025 NBA Finals.

  • Boston Celtics (+325)
  • Dallas Mavericks (+600)
  • Denver Nuggets (+800)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (+950)
  • Milwaukee Bucks (+1000)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (+1200)
  • New York Knicks (+1600)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (+1600)

The Celtics are the favorites to win next year’s title at +325. However, no team has repeated as NBA champions since the 2017 and 2018 Golden State Warriors. In fact, since 2019, no team has had more than one championship win.

I do not think that Boston will change that trend. The Celtics took eight years to break through for a championship, and they benefitted from an injury-riddled Eastern Conference.

Of the teams listed above, I believe the Oklahoma City Thunder are the best bet. The Thunder were the top seed in the West and are one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Their experience this year should help them take a step forward next year.

Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder win the 2025 NBA Championship (+950)

Dallas is an underdog heading into the 2024 NBA finals. Luka Doncic and Co. are listed at +180 on the latest pre-Finals odds at Lucky Cola Sportsbook.

Boston, on the other hand, is the -220 favorite. The Celtics will have a home-court advantage to start the series. Also, Boston had a better record during the regular season, winning 68 games to the Maverick’s 50.

Dallas Mavericks (+180)

Dallas entered the payoffs as a fifth seed and did not have home court in any of their three Western Conference playoff series. Despite the odds, the Mavericks took down the Clippers, Thunder, and Timberwolves en route to winning the Western Conference Championship.

Luka Doncic and the rest of Dallas’s stars will have to overcome the odds again to win the Finals. Secure sports betting sites list the Mavericks as +180 underdogs against the Celtics.

Boston is the more talented team on paper, but Dallas has the best player in the series in Doncic. If the European superstar can control the series, then the Mavericks have a real chance to pull off the upset. Doncic will need to be great, but Dallas is the more battle-tested team and has been great on the road this postseason.

Boston Celtics (-220)

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Boston (-220) is a moderate series favorite ahead of the first game in the NBA Finals 2024. This is the Celtics’ second NBA Finals appearance in three years. In 2022, Boston lost to the Golden State Warriors in a six-game series.

Their previous Finals experience should help Boston secure the title this time around. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are both coming off of All-Star-caliber seasons. The team also added Jrue Holliday in the offseason in hopes of finally getting over the hump.

Dallas will be Boston’s toughest test this postseason by far. The Celtics are 12-2 so far in the playoffs after beating the Heat, Cavaliers, and Pacers. All three teams had sub-50 win seasons in the regular season and were ravaged by injuries.

Boston should be well-rested, but they could struggle with the intensity the Mavs bring to the table. The Celtics will need big performances from Tatum and Brown to overcome Dallas’s stout defense.

2024 NBA Finals Series Prediction

The NBA Finals 2024 matchup between the Celtics and the Mavericks will be classic matchup of team vs. superstar. Boston is the better overall team, but Dallas has the best player in the series, Luka Doncic. The Celtics faced a similar situation in 2022 when they lost to the Steph Curry-led Warriors.

I believe Tatum, Brown, and the rest of the Celtics have learned from the shortcomings in 2022. If they can get over their struggles at home, they should be able to beat Dallas in this series.

Prediction: Boston Celtics win the 2024 NBA Finals (-220)

NBA Finals Series Props Odds

In addition to betting on the series winner, you can also wager on exciting 2024 NBA Finals series props. Here are three of my favorite props for the Celtics vs. Mavericks series.

Boston vs. Dallas Series Total Games

  • Over 5.5 games (-175)
  • Under 5.5 games (+145)

One of the most popular props for any playoff series is how long the series will go. Lucky Cola has the 2024 NBA Finals listed at over/under 5.5 games.

All three of the Celtics’ playoff series so far this postseason have ended in five games or less. The Mavericks, on the other hand, have gone over five games in two of their three playoff series so far.

I think each team can get at least two games, which means the series will go at least six games. With that in mind, I would take the over in this total series-length wager.

Prediction: Boston vs. Dallas goes over 5.5 games (-175)

NBA Finals Series Leader – Most Points

  • Luka Doncic (-190)
  • Jayson Tatum (+265)
  • Kyrie Irving (+1000)
  • Jaylen Brown (+1200)
  • Kristaps Porzingis (+5000)
  • Derrick White (+5000)

Another exciting prop wager available for this NBA Finals matchup is which player will lead the series in total points. The top online sportsbooks have Luka Doncic listed as the -190 favorite in this prop wager. Jayson Tatum has the next-best odds at +265, and Kyrie Irving is a distant third at +1000.

After Irving, the next three players, Jaylen Brown (+1200), Kristaps Porzingis (+5000), and Derrick White (+5000), are all Celtics. The next Mavs player is PJ Washington at +10000.

Doncic has been an excellent playoff scorer in his career, and, as I mentioned above, I believe he is the best player in this series. Even if the Mavericks lose, Doncic is still the best bet to lead the series in total points.

Prediction: Luka Doncic leads the 2024 NBA Finals in total points (-190)

2024 NBA Finals Series Exact Outcome

One of the most challenging NBA Finals props to predict correctly is the exact series outcome. To win this bet, you need to pick the winner and the exact number of games for the series.

Series OutcomeBoston Celtics WinsDallas Mavericks Wins
4 Games (4-0)+650+2000
5 Games (4-1)+375+1200
6 Games (4-2)+450+500
7 Games (4-3)+350+800

The option with the shortest odds is for the Celtics to win seven games (+350). Boston winning in five games (+375) or six games (+450) are the next best options. The shortest odds for a Mavericks championship is for Dallas to win in six games (+500).

If there is a game six, then it will be in Dallas. The Celtics are undefeated on the road in these playoffs, so I think they can win game six on the road.

Prediction: Boston Celtics win in six games (+450)

NBA Finals MVP Odds

Another exciting future wager for the NBA Finals in 2024 is to bet on which player will win the Finals MVP. Technically, the winner can be from either team, even if they lose the series. However, only one Finals MVP, Jerry West in 1969, has won the award without winning the series.

Here are the latest NBA Finals MVP odds for the 2024 season.

PlayerNBA Finals MVP OddsTeam
Jayson Tatum-115Boston Celtics
Luka Doncic+210Dallas Mavericks
Jaylen Brown+600Boston Celtics
Kyrie Irving+1400Dallas Mavericks
Derrick White+3500Boston Celtics
Kristaps Porzingis+4000Boston Celtics
Jrue Holiday+5000Boston Celtics
Al Horford+25000Boston Celtics
PJ Washington+25000Dallas Mavericks
Derrick Jones Jr.+25000Dallas Mavericks

Jayson Tatum (-115)

The favorite to win the NBA Finals MVP this season is Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics. Tatum has been the favorite for a while now, but his candidacy took a hit in the Eastern Conference Finals. He lost out on the Eastern Conference Finals MVP, with the award going to Jaylen Brown instead.

Tatum is still the best player on the Celtics, though. If Boston wants to overcome Doncic and company, they need Tatum to have a great series.

Luka Doncic (+210)

Speaking of Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks superstar has the second-best Finals MVP odds at +210. Doncic is skilled enough to power the Mavericks over the more talented Celtics team.

If Dallas does win, then Doncic will be a lock to win the award. There is no path to victory for the Mavericks that does not involve Doncic playing at an MVP level. If you are betting on the Mavs, then you should also bet on Luka to win Finals MVP.

Jaylen Brown (+600)

Rounding out the top three is Jaylen Brown. The Celtics star is the newly appointed Eastern Conference MVP and is listed at +600 to be named the Finals MVP.

Brown narrowly edged out Tatum 5-4 for the conference MVP trophy. If he can do it again this series, then Brown can win the Finals MVP as well. At +600, I think Brown is worth the risk over Tatum in this wager.

Prediction: Jaylen Brown wins the 2024 NBA Finals MVP (+600)

What Are Your Predictions for the NBA Finals in 2024?

The NBA Finals matchup for the 2024 season is set. The Boston Celtics will meet the Dallas Mavericks in a seven-game series with the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the line.

Check out the lists above for the latest odds for the 2024 NBA Finals. I break down the current series odds, Finals MVP odds, and the best props for this year’s Finals. After reading my predictions, head over to Lucky Cola Sportsbook to wager on the latest odds for this series today.

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