FIFA Esports Betting Guide

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The esport betting market is getting stronger every year! What was once a marginalized niche has become a multi-billion dollar behemoth, growing left and right with no signs of slowing down. Today, we see a more active esport betting market than ever before, with more events and more betting opportunities overall. FIFA esport betting is one of the new names; it’s not exactly at the top of the food chain, but it can boast a slow but loyal community!

Betting on FIFA eSports wasn’t a long time ago. Even though FIFA is one of the oldest esport events, betting on it has only recently become popular. The EA Champions Cup is one of the drivers of the growing popularity of the FIFA esport community.For now, the influx of new players isn’t slowing down. FIFA players from all over the world are looking for a way to start betting on their favorite games. Come to think of it, you might be here for the exact same reason. If you’re just looking for a list of top-notch online casino FIFA bookmakers, the Lucky Cola table below should be useful.

The EA Champions Cup is one of the drivers of the growing popularity of the FIFA esport community.

What is FIFA eSports

Let Lucky Cola kick off our in-depth guide to FIFA eSport betting with a quick rundown of what actually stands behind “FIFA eSport“!The term “FIFA eSport” refers to professionally organized tournaments within the FIFA games, usually supported/sponsored/organized by EA Sports, where top players compete for glory, prestige and lucrative prize pools.At first, FIFA had stand-alone events and did not contemplate any serious competitive tournaments. Fast forward to today and there are multiple ongoing FIFA esport series featuring some of the best players in the world. But we won’t go into too much detail right now, as we’ll have an entire section dedicated to the biggest FIFA esport events you can bet on.

How to Play FIFA Esports

Don’t worry, this is not a lengthy guide for beginners or anyone looking to improve their FIFA gameplay. Instead, we’ll take you through the key game modes that make FIFA so popular.

  • ⭐FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team, commonly known as FUT, is what FIFA eSport is all about! This is EA’s most profitable game mode, the one they’ve always prioritized, and the one players enjoy the most!

Why don’t they? It allows the player to create his dream team and compete against other players in various game modes. The most popular are Division Rivals and Champions Cup. The latter is the cream of competitive FIFA and serves as a launching pad for all budding FIFA esports professionals. Most of the big tournaments are played in FIFA Ultimate Team. This has become the standard of the game, and everyone is happy with it.

While EA has issues with incentivizing players to spend more money on FUT, it’s unlikely this whole episode will change anything. FIFA will still make huge profits from FUT Points and Packs because players will never stop buying them.

  • ⭐ Career Mode

Career mode is what all old-school FIFA gamers swear by! This is the most popular single-player mode, offering two different scenarios: Manager’s Career and Player’s Career. They’re all pretty self-explanatory; you either start out as a manager and manage your favorite team, or you step into the role of an up-and-coming player and write your Champions League story.As mentioned, FUT is EA’s priority; that’s their cash cow! Having said that, they’ve ignored other game modes for far too long. Yes, recent iterations did improve some things about career mode, but the mode is still far from perfect. Let’s hope EA goes out of their way to add more complexity and detail to FIFA 22’s manager career mode!

  • ⭐ Online Seasons

As FUT continues to grow, fewer and fewer people play online seasons. It’s still a nice, refreshing environment that players can use to recharge from championship or divisional opponents. You don’t play with your own team; you just pick a club, adjust your starting lineup and game plan, and you’re good to go. The rankings are still there, though there are no major rewards to look forward to…that’s where FUT comes into play, right?

  • ⭐Friendly match

Last but not least, there are friendlies! Yes, FIFA is more than chasing Champions League rankings and solving team building challenges! Friendlies are where the fun is! Play against your friends, play with your friends; choose from a wide variety of game modifiers or house rules. Mystery Ball, King of the Hill and Player Swap are just the tip of the iceberg of what FIFA has to offer in its Friendly Match mode.

History of EA Sports FIFA

EA Sports FIFA debuted way back in 1993. At the time, it was just a simple arcade game that wowed people all over the world. With each iteration, each new console generation, and each new engine revamp, FIFA just keeps getting better. Although, as far as the last few iterations go, some fans will argue with that.What was once a simple offline arcade game is now a highly competitive multiplayer football simulation. Well, the last word is up for debate, but you have to admit that FIFA is the digital equivalent of football!

The popularity of FIFA esports

People prefer to watch real football games than FIFA. This is something that will never change. Unlike other esports, FIFA’s main rivalry is the world’s most popular sport. It’s a tough game that EA Sports FIFA will never win.

Still, the ratings are going up! FIFA 21 Challenge averages more than 260,000 viewers, more than any other FIFA esports event. The FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 will follow, with several more events in 2021. The reason behind such popularity is directly related to the ongoing health crisis. Amid last year’s uncertainty, clubs and leagues have turned to the sport’s virtual equivalent, FIFA. All major European leagues organize their own competitions featuring some of the continent’s best talent. Apparently, announcements started popping up left and right, and fans got interested.

How to Bet on FIFA Esports Online

As many people are still jumping on the FIFA esports betting bandwagon, here is a short step-by-step guide that should clear up all the initial questions newbies are bound to have:

  1. First, you need to find the event you want to bet on. The previous section highlighted the most important events in the competitive FIFA ecosystem.
  2. Next, you need to find the bookie you want to use. Online FIFA esports betting sites are everywhere. But if you want a satisfying experience, stick with the ones we’ve listed at the top of this page. Most importantly, you need a bookmaker that features the FIFA events you wish to bet on.
  3. After making your selection, head to the bookmaker’s homepage and start the registration process.
  4. You will be required to enter your personal information; you may also be required to confirm your email address and identity with a government-issued document.
  5. This is the initial deposit process. Simply choose your most trusted online payment method, enter the amount you are willing to invest, and hit the shiny deposit button.
  6. Now, you are faced with the most time-consuming step – the pre-match betting research. We don’t need to delve into the pre-match research here. It will take up too much space.
  7. All that’s left for you to do is find the FIFA eSports betting options, select the bet you want to bet on, enter your desired bet and click ‘Place’ or ‘Bet Now’. That’s it, you’re done!

Most common FIFA eSports bets

Betting on who will win a game is the basis of sports betting. That’s what people have been betting on since the industry’s inception. To this day, it remains the most popular bet type with online bookies. But the online gambling industry is much more than just betting on the winner of a match. Let’s take a closer look!

  • ⭐ Moneyline (match winner)

Lucky Cola FIFA betting menu money line or match winner betting is a standard option in the world of sports and esports betting. They remain the most popular choice, although the variety in proposition betting and other forms of betting makes the difference less pronounced with each passing year. Nonetheless, if you want a direct FIFA esports betting experience, then you should bet on Moneyline!

  • ⭐Total Goals Over/Under

The FIFA eSports betting site also allows its users to bet on total goals! These are very popular in both esports and sports betting. They are very simple; the bookmaker will estimate the total number of goals for you (eg 2.5) and you should guess whether the total number of goals at the end of the game will be above or below that number (in this case 2.5).

  • ⭐Correct score

Correct Score offers a higher-stakes FIFA esports betting! As the name suggests, this bet requires you to correctly guess the exact score for a given match. These bets also apply to the online sports/esports betting market.

But there is a warning you must know! In typical soccer correct score betting, you should guess how many goals each team will score. But in FIFA esports betting, correct score betting reflects the best outcome of three/five. These bets generally do not apply to bo1 matches.

Top Tips for FIFA Esports Betting

Lucky Cola is not done! Our FIFA esports betting guide still has a helpful tip or two for all the beginners reading this. If you’re one of them, you better turn into an ear fast!

  • ⭐Betting time

Investing in half-baked bets won’t get you very far. If you want to be successful in the world of online FIFA esports betting, you need to keep an eye on your calendar – provided, of course, that you’ve marked down all the important dates first.

  • ⭐ Experiment with live betting options

FIFA betting options may not be as popular, but bookmakers still offer live betting opportunities during some of the biggest events! why should you care Well, if you like watching live FIFA esports matches, live betting should be a nice addition. Go ahead and give it a try, you can thank us later!

Combine FIFA esports betting with other categoriesBet on FIFA eSports like no other! The betting opportunities in this category are fairly limited; half the time you have nothing to bet on. The easiest way to solve this problem is to combine FIFA eSports online betting with other categories. We’re talking about esports betting categories like CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, but you can always choose sports like football, basketball, and MMA.

  • ⭐ Stay updated with the latest news

Last but not least, have research! Watching live FIFA matches can only get you so far. If you want to be truly successful, you need to keep up to speed with anything related to the FIFA esports scene! The official EA FIFA Esports Twitter account is a good place to start, though following individual players on their social media channels is also a viable method.

Best Online FIFA Esports Betting Sites in the Philippines for 2023

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Lucky Cola FIFA Esports FAQ

A; Sa unang sulyap, kitang-kita ang pagkakaiba, ngunit may mga taong nagagawa pa ring sirain ang mga bagay-bagay.

Magsimula tayo sa pagtaya sa FIFA eSports. Ito ay isang paraan ng pagtaya batay sa mga propesyonal na nakaayos na mga kaganapan sa esport kasama ang mga manlalaro ng FIFA esports mula sa buong mundo. Pinag-uusapan natin ang tungkol sa mga tunay na propesyonal na ginagawa ang kanilang pinakamahusay na ginagawa. Hindi mo matataya ang lahat ng gusto mo sa FIFA eSports. Kailangan mong ayusin ang iyong iskedyul at subaybayan ang mga pinakamalaking kaganapan upang malaman mo kung kailan at kung ano ang maaari mong tayaan.

Tulad ng para sa virtual na pagtaya sa football, mayroong napakakaunting (pun intended) pakikipag-ugnayan ng tao sa laro. Lahat ng ito ay AI; ang AI ay gumagawa ng lahat ng hirap, na walang ganap na elemento ng tao sa pagsubok. Sa mga virtual na laban sa football na nagaganap bawat ilang minuto, hindi ka mauubusan ng mga bagay na mapagpipilian.

A: Well, ang paghahambing na ito ay nagkakahalaga din ng pagbanggit. Ipinaliwanag namin ang mga pangunahing kaalaman sa likod ng online FIFA esports betting. Ang natitira na lang nating gawin ay talakayin kung paano ito naiiba sa tunay na pagtaya sa football.

Sa abot ng mga uri ng taya ay nababahala, maaari mong asahan ang parehong grupo. Ngunit kailangan mong maunawaan na ang bilang ng mga pagkakataon sa pagtaya sa football sa totoong buhay ay mas malaki. Ang parehong napupunta para sa bilang ng mga pagpipilian sa pagtaya, at sa football bilang ang numero unong kategorya ng pagtaya sa sports sa mundo, palaging mayroong higit na mapagpipilian.

A: Kahit na karaniwang pinag-uusapan natin ang tungkol sa sinaunang isport ng soccer dito, maaaring ituring itong ilegal sa ilang bansa dahil sa aspeto ng esports. Kahit na pinapayagan ang online na pagtaya sa sports sa bansang iyong tinitirhan, hindi ito nangangahulugan na legal din ang online FIFA esports na pagtaya. Tingnan sa regulator ng paglalaro ng iyong bansa at dapat ay handa ka nang umalis.

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