EURO 2024 Odds: Can Ronaldo Lead Portugal To Another Trophy?

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The latest EURO 2024 odds on sites like Lucky Cola have been updated and take into account the latest round of friendlies.

The latest EURO 2024 odds on sites like Lucky Cola have been updated and take into account the latest round of friendlies. According to my research, Germany’s odds to win the tournament fell a bit after shaky displays against Greece and Ukraine. A quick reminder, Germany defeated Greece 2-1 and drew with Ukraine 0-0.

With the EURO 2024 just days away, it’s time for me to take a closer look at the main contenders and provide you with an in-depth betting preview. I’ll talk you through the primary contenders, top 5 EURO 2024 outright winner odds, and answer the key question that’s on everyone’s mind – can Cristiano Ronaldo lead Portugal to the second EURO title?

2024 EURO Odds Update

The 2024 EURO Group Stage is all wrapped up. We didn’t have many surprises, but we definitely had some very interesting matches. All in all, the EURO 2024 group stage was high quality all around, except for Group C which was, even statistically, rthe worst EURO group ever.

As the headings suggests, we are here to closely inspect the latest EURO 2024 Outright Winner betting odds. As you probably know, bookies like BetWhale and BetUS are constantly updating their offers. So, here’s how things stand following the end of the group stage:

CountryEuro 2024 Odds

Betting odds are courtesy of Lucky Cola

The biggest disappointment of the EURO so far is Croatia. Luka Modrić’s 98th-minute heartbreak will never be forgotten. There were no major surprises elsewhere, as far as playoff qualification goes.

The likes of Slovenia and Georgia are definitely the biggest positive surprises. The same can be said for Austria’s first place in Group D with Poland, France, and the Netherlands.

England, on the other hand, can’t be satisfied with how it performed. It finished the group with 5 points, but looked bleak and lacking imagination in the attacking third. I have no idea why bookies still see Southgate’s team as the favorite to win the whole event…

England Isn’t Playing Well

England scored just 2 goals on the tournament and have looked absolutely unrecognizable. Foden and Kane are invisible, and the team takes way too much time in possession to just pass it around without any chance creation in mind.

They did beat Serbia, though they can consider themselves lucky with all 3 points from that one. Why? Because they’d be on the verge of elimination after drawing with Denmark and Slovenia.

The fans want to see a different setup but, as usual, Gareth Southgate doesn’t want to listen. He’s still sticking to his chosen eleven, with minimal alterations, despite the whole world seeing they lack attacking runs on the wings and chance creation down the middle.

If we don’t see big changes ahead of the quarterfinal game, I doubt England will go far into the playoffs. What will happen there? Well, things might get ugly for the Three Lions.

Spain’s Perfection in the Group of Death

Spain played perfectly in all three matches of Group B, often referred to as the group of death. They had no problems with Croatia. De la Fuente’s men created chances effortlessly and capitalized on every given opportunity.

The match against Italy ended 1:0 but it could’ve been much worse for the Italians if it weren’t for Donnarumma’s exceptional saves. Against Albania, de la Fuente made some changes to the lineup but still secured all 3 points, racking the totally tally to 9.

Rodri has been incredible so far. He’s improving more and more with each passing game. The same can be said for the unbelievable teenager Lamine Yamal who plays as if he were over 20 years old, not 16.

The backbone of this team is the defense, which is exceptionally well-connected with the midfield. Add to that their unparalleled pressing game and you’ll understand why Spain is right behind England according to the current 2024 EURO Outright Winner betting odds.

Germany Looks Promising

Statistically speaking, Germany is the best group stage team on EURO 2024. The Germans scored 8 and conceded just two goals, one of which was Rudiger’s own goal masterpiece. And while they didn’t win all 9 points, they sure as hell dominated their opposition.

Poor Scotland got swept aside 5:1 in the opener. It wasn’t a pleasant sight for the Scottish fans, that’s for sure. But, the German machinery didn’t stop there, putting 2 past Hungary and cementing their position in the playoffs with a game to spare. The final game saw them relax a bit, though they still managed to get a draw and finish on top of the group.

After beating Denmark in the round of 16, they’ll go up against a powerhouse Spanish side the semifinals. This part of the bracket is going to be amazing. It would be the finals before the final, and right now, I am not sure who to back here.

France Will Want to Snowball

France finished group D without a loss, but ended up in second place following two draws, with the Netherlands and Poland. To be honest, we haven’t really seen much from Deschamps’ men so far.

The highlight of France’s tournament so far has been Mbappe’s broken nose. I’m not even kidding. They scored just 2 goals in three matches, conceding one in the process. I don’t really understand why the bookies still see them as one of the heavy favorites. Well, on second thought, if England is still the likeliest winner, I guess France deserves to be somewhere in the vicinity too.

Individually, I’d say Rabiot and Kante have been France’s best players so far. They’ve been irreplaceable in midfield, acting as the first line of defense and oftentimes dragging the ball forward to more creative midfielders.

But, the French don’t seem to have enough pace in their attacks. Their gameplay feels boring, outdated, and passive, despite having some of the fastest and most prolific wingers out there.

However, this is France we’re talking about. It’s a team that loves to snowball. All they need is one good match. If they don’t have one against Belgium, though, they might be on the first flight back to Paris.


Over the last few days, EURO contestants played two rounds of friendlies to assess their performances, analyze shortcomings, and figure out the ideal first eleven. However, some of the main contenders fell short of decisive victories, so it’s not surprising that this is reflected in the Euros 2024 odds.

Is that the first sign that things might go south for the likes of France and Germany. How does that affect EURO 2024 betting odds and are there any major changes at the top of the food chain? Let’s take a closer look!

TeamOutright Winner Odds

The odds were taken from Lucky Cola on June 12, 2024. Based on my recent tests, BetUS is the best soccer betting site for the upcoming Euros, all thanks to competitive odds and a massive library of EURO 2024 bets. Also, I only included odds for the top 12 teams. For additional outright winner bets, check out the EURO 2024 outrights on Lucky Cola.

England Euro Odds

  • England to win EURO 2024 at +350

There’s no doubt that England is one of the most talented teams at this year’s Euros. Their squad consists of numerous Premier League stars like Foden, Saka, Palmer and Declan Rice. We can’t forget about the fantastic Real Madrid playmaker Jude Bellingham.

Many of England’s youngsters have achieved excellent results in youth categories. Now, they’re ready to prove their worth on one of the biggest international stages. Although they are under massive pressure, especially after that disastrous defeat by Iceland, this English team has the potential to snowball all the way to the title. But, it’s equally possible that they could be eliminated in the group stage.

Yes, I’m absolutely serious here! The likes of Denmark and Serbia will do their best to spoil England’s plans. Slovenia isn’t half bad either. In short, Gareth Southgate’s team could face a fair bit of problems in the group stage… especially if they don’t kick things off with all 3 points on Sunday.

France Euro Odds

  • France to win EURO 2024 at +400

France has always been a global soccer powerhouse. From Platini to Zidane to Mbappe, the French have consistently been at the top of the soccer world. They still have one of the deepest benches out there. Plus, a plethora of experienced players coupled with fast, technically excellent wingers who are oftentimes the deciding factor.

Mbappe, Dembele, Camavinga, and Griezmann are just some of the names in the French arsenal. Although they didn’t show a good game against Canada, they must’ve learned a lot from it. For example, it’s not a smart idea to play Griezmann as a second striker. France needs him in midfield regardless of who he is surrounded by.

If we look at individual qualities and squad depth, France is definitely at the top of the food chain. But, let’s remember the last Euros and how they were eliminated. They are not invincible and have significant fluctuations, so +400 on them doesn’t seem too wise to me.

Germany Euro Odds

  • Germany to win EURO 2024 at +500

Germany is a mystery. We’re talking about a brutally inconsistent team that sometimes plays incredibly well and sometimes can’t perform at all. On the bright side, Toni Kroos is still at the helm. This is his last tournament before retirement and I have no doubt he will do everything he can to make the most of it.

However, it’s about time for Germany to start relying on young talents like Musiala and Wirtz. Their qualities are undeniable. They have played at a top level all season long and, despite their age, are ready to handle immense pressure.

The pressure is already on their shoulders, that’s for sure. They’re playing at home and anything less than a convincing win against Scotland in the EURO 2024 opener would bring huge problems in the dressing room. However, I believe the Germans finally have enough experience to balance everything and steamroll into the playoffs.

Portugal Euro Odds

  • Portugal to win EURO 2024 at +650

Portugal is set to open the tournament against the Czech Republic. Martinez is going to be eyeing his chances at taking all three points from the opener. But, it won’t be easy. Especially with all these questions still left unanswered.

The biggest one is Cristiano Ronaldo. The 39-year-old soccer legend is still alive and kicking. But, we still don’t know whether or not he’ll be a starter for Portugal. There are no guarantees and we know his ego could end up suffocating the dressing room atmosphere.

But, considering that decisive win against Ireland and Ronaldo’s influence, Martinez could favor the legend instead of Goncalo Ramos up front. That said, if everything aligns perfectly, we could be in for a proper farewell to CR7 and it’s reflected in the current EURO 2024 odds.

Spain Euro Odds

  • Spain to win EURO 2024 at +750

If we only take recent results into account, Spain would be our primary target? Why? Because they cruised to easy wins in the last two friendlies against Northern Ireland and Andorra.

Plus, some of their key players like Lamine Yamal and Pedri are in spectacular form. The same can be said for Oyarzabal whose goal-scoring potential has been on fire recently.

But, Spain is in a difficult group with Italy, Croatia, and Albania. Their opener is against Croatia; a team they know very well. Last time out, they eliminated Modrić and the company in the Ro16. But, in 2016, Croatia had the last laugh with a sweet 2:1 win in the group stage.

At +750, Spain to win offers fair value, especially considering their snowballing potential. The bench is quite deep too, which gives de la Fuente a lot more room for maneuvering if things go south.

Who Will Win Euro 2024?

Right now, I strongly believe the EURO 2024 winner odds for Spain are the most valuable outright winner bet right now. Why? Because they’re currently in top goal-scoring form. Because they have an excellent blend of youth and experience. And, simply because they have b**ls.

Plus, they scored a whopping 10 goals in their last two friendly matches. To be fair, they played against Andorra and Northern Ireland, who are not exactly the toughest opponents. But, 10 goals are 10 goals. If they can create even half as many good chances, I’m sure Croatia will face a rude awakening this Saturday.

Oyarzabal scored 4 out of those 10 aforementioned goals. We also saw Pedri with a brace and Lamine Yamal with a few sweet assists to his tally. All in all, de la Fuente can be proud of his team. Everything seems to be working as intended and the Spanish strategist must already be eyeing the round of 16.

Euro 2024 Odds Summary

The most recent update of the EURO 2024 odds now sees England at the top ahead of Germany and France, despite losing to Iceland just last week. Portugal rounds off the top four thanks to a decisive friendly win against Ireland.

If we’ve learned anything from the last round of friendlies, it is that none of the top teams are invincible. France drew with Canada, Portugal lost to Croatia, England lost to Iceland, and Germany drew with Ukraine.

Of all the top EURO 2024 teams, only Spain has achieved good results in the last two friendlies. However, that’s only because they chose much easier opponents to prepare for the first-round clash against Croatia. However, if the Spaniards can kick off with a win, they have what it takes to snowball to the title.

Prediction: Spain win EURO 2024 (+750)

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