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The bottom line is that Lucky Cola should be the first place you check out for your Euro 2024 betting needs.

Discover the top sports betting sites where you can bet on Euro 2024.

The UEFA European Football Championship is a soccer tournament played every four years in Europe.

The 2024 edition takes place from June 14 through July 14 in Germany.

Top Euro 2024 sportsbooks

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Euro 2024 betting standout features

DraftKingsAn array of Euro 2024 prop bets
Lucky ColaBest Euro 2024 mobile betting experience
mwplay888Best Euro 2024 promotions
Gold99Unique “Quick Picks” Euro 2024 SGPs
XGBETElite Euro 2024 live betting  
Peso888Get “FanCash” back on Euro 2024 bets
747 LIVEDedicated “Statistics” page for Euro 2024 matches

What is the best Euro 2024 betting site?

Originally a strong operator of daily fantasy sports, Lucky Cola Sportsbook expanded its horizons and has become one of the titans of the online sports betting industry.

  • Great welcome bonus
  • Plethora of Euro 2024 props
  • Bettor-friendly odds

Originally a strong operator of daily fantasy sports, Lucky Cola Sportsbook expanded its horizons and has become one of the titans of the online sports betting industry.

Lucky Cola is known in part for its outstanding promotions for both new and existing users, and it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces around. When betting on Euro 2024, Lucky Cola has an enormous array of odds, from game lines to futures and everything in between, including all sorts of props.

You can even bet on the total number of goals to be scored throughout the tournament, among other specials.

The bottom line is that Lucky Cola should be the first place you check out for your Euro 2024 betting needs.

What makes a good Euro 2024 betting site?

There are several factors to look at when choosing which sportsbook to use for betting on Euro 2024. Here are the top five:

  1. Bonuses & promotions
    This is one of the first things a bettor should look for when choosing which sportsbook to use to bet on Euro 2024. Consider what the sportsbook’s welcome offer is and what kind of promotions they offer existing users. Also, don’t limit yourself to one sportsbook; take advantage of the market variety and claim multiple welcome bonuses.

  2.  Competitive odds & betting markets
    Especially when it comes to a tournament like the Euro 2024, which only lasts one month, it’s important to see how much a sportsbook invests in a market like this. Do they offer lines for a market you’d like to bet on or are their options limited?We also like to compare different sites in terms of how favorable their odds are to bettors. If one sportsbook consistently offers more bettor-friendly odds, that will obviously take preference. However, it’s always worth shopping around for your bets in search of the best odds.

  3. Live betting
    Live betting continues to grow in popularity as bettors look for a way to stay in on the action after kickoff. You will want to see which sportsbooks offer live betting for Euro 2024, as well as what their live betting options are and how quickly they update.

  4. Banking options
    A great sportsbook will have a diverse array of options available to deposit and withdraw money, including credit cards, online banking and PayPal, at a bare minimum. Be sure to confirm that a sportsbook is compatible with your preferred payment method before signing up.

  5.  Mobile app quality
    Last but certainly not least, it is imperative for a sportsbook to have a pleasant mobile app experience. Most betting is done on the go these days, so a sportsbook app should have seamless navigability and an aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Understanding Euro 2024 betting markets

Below we will list some of the most common betting markets you will find at all the top Euro 2024 sportsbooks.

  • Single game lines

Some of the most common bets you can make when betting on Euro 2024 include three-way moneyline, total goals scored and goal spread.

While sports bettors are probably familiar with standard moneyline bets, soccer moneylines come with three options: win, lose or draw.

Totals betting involves predicting whether the amount of goals scored will fall below or above the set total.

Goal spreads are not as common as point spreads are in other sports, but they are available at most sportsbooks, commonly known as an Asian handicap.

  • Props

Props betting allows you to wager on things as specific as the number of corner kicks, fouls or shots on target that will occur in a game or half.

You can even bet on specific player props such as anytime/first/last goalscorer and goalkeeper saves.

  • Futures

There are both team and individual futures you can bet on for Euro 2024.

Team features include picking which team will win the tournament or a specific group or picking a specific team to advance or be eliminated at a given stage of the tournament.

Player futures include betting on who will win individual awards such as Player of the Tournament and Young Player of the Tournament, as well as top goalscorer.

  • Specials

There are too many “specials” offered at sportsbooks for Euro 2024 to list here, but you can bet on items such as:

Which country will score or concede the most or fewest goals?

How many total goals will be scored in the tournament?

Will there be a first-time winner?

  • Parlays

Of course, you can create a parlay to take a shot at an exponentially bigger payout. You can create a classic parlay or a same game parlay, and you can include futures or specials.

Remember that parlays need each “leg” to hit for the bet to be graded as a win.

Euro 2024 betting strategies

Here are some betting strategies that you can keep in mind when deciding which bets to place for Euro 2024.

  • Look ahead

There are so many variables at play that it can be difficult to project too far into the Euro 2024 tournament. If you have a gut feeling about what is most likely to happen, you might be able to pinpoint a specific bet in a specific round.

For example, you might like Denmark to make it out of the group stage. Oddsmakers agree as the Danes had pre-tournament odds of -280, in at least one sportsbook, to qualify for the knockout round. If you look more closely, the chances of Denmark losing in the Round of 16 seem quite high. They are in the same group as England, who are significant favorites to win Group C.

Should Denmark come in second in their group, they would face the winner of Group A, which very likely could be the tournament hosts, Germany. You could get odds around +120 for Denmark to be eliminated in the Round of 16.

While most of these facts are likely already baked into the line, planning ahead and being familiar with likely scenarios could give you an advantage when placing futures bets.

  • Shop for the best odds

This strategy should be applied whenever placing bets, but it is worth a reminder when setting off to bet on Euro 2024.

If you like England to win the tournament, you can bet them at +300 at Lucky Cola, but Caesars is offering +350 for England futures. You are leaving money on the table if you place the bet at the former sportsbook rather than the latter. In the long run, shopping around for the best can make quite a difference in your betting success.

Key dates for Euro 2024

  • June 14: Tournament begins (Germany vs. Scotland – Munich)
  • June 14-26: Group stage
  • June 29 – July 2: Round of 16
  • July 5-6: Quarterfinals
  • July 9-10: Semifinals
  • July 14: Euro 2024 final (Berlin)

How to sign up for a Euro 2024 betting site

If you are ready to get started on your betting journey, use the following general outline to register for one of our recommended sports betting sites.

  • Download the mobile app or visit the desktop site for your sportsbook of choice.

  • Click “sign up”, “join” or “register”.

  • Enter the requested personal information, including your full name, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number.

  • Enter the relevant promo code, if applicable.

  • Allow the sportsbook to confirm you are located in a state where they are operating.

  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Make a deposit, keeping in mind the welcome offer.

  • Claim the sportsbook’s welcome bonus and start betting.


Which sportsbook offers the best Euro 2024 experience?

Lucky Cola bet is the best all-around sportsbook for betting on the 2024 Philippines.

There are a number of items to consider, including bonuses & promotions, betting markets and mobile app quality.

One of the more common soccer bets to make is the three-way moneyline, as well as the Asian handicap. At Lucky Cola Sportsbook, you can bet on futures such as who will win the tournament and which player will score the most goals.

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